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Are you looking for something exciting for the corporateparty, kick-off or is it someone who celebrating a birthday or maby you’re just is having a fun party?

Then you’ve come to the right place! MagicMarkus has entertainment for every occassion. The show come in a variety of designs and are adapted to your specific requirements. Enjoy a great show where magic and humor combine and where the spectators get an unforgettable experience thanks to the close audience contact created by MagicMarkus.


How about having a magician and magic when at its best real close-up? To be amazed at the magic’s diligence when the wonder and miracle happens happily in the hands of the spectators to laugh at the impossible that just happened next time.
Close-upmagic is the entertainment that fits events where you want the spectators to hang out and talk to each other but still want something to happen. All illusions are done a few centimeters from you and things you’ve only watched on TV is happening in front of your eyes. Perfect for the welcome drink, during open house events, at the exhibition center to keep the visitors to stop as well as for the sitting dinner. Can also be combined with stage performance and barpiano.


Stage Performance

In a stage show, all spectators are looking at the scene at the same time to be amazed by MagicMarkus magic arts. A borrowed watch burns in front of an unfortunate spectator’s eyes, a 100 – dollarnote is torn immediately after the owner has written his name on it and a ball disappears and pops up and in an unexpected place ?! What happens will you know when you order the performance. We tailor-made the program to suit your needs.

Children’s parties and juggling

Why not spice up your child’s party with a funny wizard ?! MagicMarkus offers both magic, juggling and ballonfigures.

The show contains a lot of fun and laughter and the children are allowed to go up on stage and do the magic themselves and who knows, maybe they succeed in making a real rabbit appear? After the performance there is also the possibility for the children to have a balloon animal by the wizard himself!


If you want beautiful and relaxing music in the background, MagicMarkus has a bar / mingle concept for you. This is a highly appreciated feature of the welcome drink or coffee, but even during dinner it fits with the beautiful piano tunes in the room.

This can of course be combined with the other performances that MagicMarkus offers.

My References!

“Thanks for a wonderful entertaining and appreciated performance at our Christmas party! The rabbit made a success! “

Patrik Persson
Skanska AB

The difference between you and many other wizards is that you really entertain with your magic, you’re not a wizard only but entertainer and I’m glad I got back my 500-Euro!

Martin Aronsson
Vislanda IF.s Jubiléumsfest

“A fun-filled performance with speed and fun, both children and adults laughed very much during the performance, highly recommended”

Karin Kajander
Tolgs föräldraförening

“MagicMarkus delivers world-classperformance, thank you for the show!”

Henrik Sporre
Fogel & Partners 5 year

“I had a 40th anniversary party. 50 people, including 19 children. Markus mingled first and then the show. It was absolutely amazing and personal. You gilded a wonderful evening and I’m glad I got you.”

Björn Forsberg


GBJ Bygg
Växjö Lakers
Linne universitetet
Sveriges Radio
Växjö kommun

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